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Our Mission

The general purpose of unitedkoshersupervision.com is to improve the lot of the kosher consumer. This is done by keeping the kosher consumer updated on the latest products and services, any changes in or removal of kosher certifications, as well as providing the latest recipes.

unitedkoshersupervision.com will also improve the general kosher market by providing the industry with the latest "who's who and what's what" in kosher food manufacturing including job changes and position availabilities.

unitedkoshersupervision.com will provide both the consumer and manufacturer with guidelines on kosher regulations. There will be articles, stories and anecdotes, some serious, some ironic and some simply amusing relating to kosher food and the personalities around it.

unitedkoshersupervision.com will provide the opportunity to manufacturers and companies to advertise their products and services to it worldwide audience.

Contacting us

To get in touch with us, to contribute a story or recipe, or to ask any questions just call or email us at:

845 352 1010
845 352 2720
General Information: uksmessage@aol.com


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